Organization Management

IIT Delhi Course , Prof. Vinayshil Gautam

Lecture 1: Introduction to Organization Management,Nature ,Scope and Complexity

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Organization Management by Prof. Vinayshil Gautam, Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit

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Introduction to the subject and the course - Introduction, majors schools of thought and theories - Introduction to organizational management, nature , scope and complexity - Longitudinal thinking and legacy factor - Theory and majors schools of thought and framework of organizational analysis - Systems contingency approach to organization theory and practice; techniques of organizational diagnosis - Theory of organizational structures - nature and consequence of structure

Impact of structure, organization change and intervention strategy - Socio-culture dimension of work and behavior - Impact of Environment and cultural variables on organization structure & Style - Organization change & Organisation development - Intervention strategies for organization development - Individual, Group & Interpersonal Interventions - Total System Intervention & Stabilising Change, MBO;Environment Analysis & Impact: Automation, Interdependence & Evaluation Issues:Nature of Organisational Processes - Environmental analysis Techniques & impact for organizational growth - Issues of Mechnisation, Automation & Computerisation - Organisation Interdependence - Organisation Evaluation

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