Digital VLSI System Design

IIT Madras Course , Prof. S.Srinivasan

Lecture 1: Introduction to VLSI Design

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Lecture Series on VLSI Design by Prof S.Srinivasan,
Dept of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras
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Course Description :

Introduction to VLSI Design - Combinational Circuit Design - Programmable Logic Devices - Programmable Array Logic - Review of Flip-Flops - Sequentional Circuits - Sequentional Circuits Design - MSI Implementation of Sequential Circuits - Design of Sequentional Circuits - Verilog Modeling of Combinational Circuits - Modeling of Verilog Sequential Circuits - RTL CODING GUIDELINES - Coding Organization - Complete Realization - Writing a Test Bench - System Design Using ASM Chart - Examples System Design Using ASM Chart - Examples of System Design Using Sequentional Circ -Examples of System Design Using Sequentional (Co) - Microprogrammed Design - Design Flow of VLSI Circuits - Simulation of Combinational Circuits and Sequenti - Analysis of Waveforms Using Modelsim - Modelsim Simulation Tool - Synthesis Tool - Synplify Tool - Schematic Circuit Diagram - Technology View using Synplify Tool - Synopsys Full and Parallel Cases - Xilink Place & Route Tool - PCI Arbiter Design Using ASM Chart - Design of Memories - ROM - Design of Memories -RAM - Design of External RAM - Design of Arithmetic Circuits - System Design Examples - System Design Examples Using FPGA Board - Advanced Features of Xilink Project Navigator

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