Illlumination Engineering

IIT Kharagpur Course , Prof. N.K. Kishore

Lecture 1: Introduction to Illumination Engineering

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Lecture Series on Illumination Engineering by Prof. N.K. Kishore, Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

Radiation, colour, eye & vision; different entities of illuminating systems; Light sources: daylight, incandescent, electric discharge, fluorescent, arc lamps and lasers; Luminaries, wiring, switching & control circuits - Laws of illumination; illumination from point, line and surface sources. Photometry and spectrophotometry; photocells. Environment and glare. General illumination design. Interior lighting industrial, residential, office departmental stores, indoor stadium, theater and hospitals. Exterior lighting- flood, street, aviation and transport lighting, lighting for displays and signaling- neon signs, LED-LCD displays beacons and lighting for surveillance - Utility services for large building/office complex & layout of different meters and protection units. Diferent type of loads and their individual protections. Selection of cable/wire sizes; potential sources of fire hazards and precautions. Emergency supply stand by & UPS. A specific design problem on this aspect

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