Condensed Matter Physics

IIT Madras Course , Prof. G. Rangarajan

Lecture 1: Principles of Condensed Matter Physics

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Condensed Matter Physics by Prof. G. Rangarajan, Department of Physics, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit

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Symmetry and Physical Properties of Crystals Point groups, Bravais lattices, Space groups, Neumanns Principle and tensor properties of crystalline solids, elements of group theory, diffraction of waves in periodic structures - Vibrations of crystal lattices, phonons and Debye theory of specific heats, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity - Free electron theory, Band structure of solids, metals, insulators and semiconductors, intrinsic and doped semiconductors, effective mass, electrons and holes, Hall effect and cyclotron resonance, galvanomagnetic phenomena, carrier lifetime, semiconductor devices - Dielectric solids, polarization, polarizability, susceptibility, polar and nonpolar dielectrics, dispersion and absorption, electronic, ionic and orientational polarizabilities - Magnetism, para, dia and ferromagnetic solids, exchange interactions and antiferromagnetism, magnetic ordering, spin waves - Superconductors, London theory, Ginsburg- Landau theory and BCS theory, High temperature superconductors, superfluidity and quantum fluids - Noncrystalline solids, scaling theory and weak localization, defects in solids, point defects and dislocations

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