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Lecture 1: Getting Started and Introduction to PHP (For Absolute Beginners)

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PHP For the Absolute Beginner
PHP: A simple tutorial
Beginners PHP Tutorials
Learning PHP: Five Essentials to Getting Started
Learn php online : php and mysql training for beginners
Beginner PHP Tutorial
PHP Tutorial - Introduction
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Course Description :

Getting Started and Introduction to PHP (For Absolute Beginners) - How to Install XAMPP - How to Install Notepad++ as PHP Editor - First PHP Script and Hello World - PHP Variables and Echo Function - Concatenation Operator and Escape sequences - Arithmetic operation - If, else and nested if/else Statements - Comparison operators and Logical operators - Arrays in PHP - Associative Arrays in PHP - Multidimensional Arrays in PHP - While and Do While Loop in PHP - For Loop in PHP - PHP Foreach Loop - Switch Statement - Using $_GET Variables in PHP - Using $_POST Variables in PHP - Basic Functions - Functions with Arguments - Functions with a Return Value - Date and Time Functions - Global Variables and Functions - include() and require() functions - Include_once() and require_once functions - PHP Sessions and Setting PHP Sessions - How to unset or destroy PHP Sessions - PHP Cookies - Creating First MySQL Database With phpMyAdmin - How to connect to MySQL database using PHP - Getting Data from MySQL Database using PHP - PHP Md5 Encryption

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