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Lecture 1: US History Overview 1: Jamestown to the Civil War

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Jamestown to the Civil War. Correction: Jamestown was the first successful ENGLISH settlement in what is now the United States. The Spanish actually settled St. Augustine, Florida in 1595.
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US History Overview 1: Jamestown to the Civil War,Reconstruction to the Great Depression,WWII to Vietnam - Appomattox Court House and Lincoln's Assassination - Communism - Korean War Overview - Bay of Pigs Invasion - Cuban Missile Crisis - Vietnam War - Pattern of US Cold War Interventions - Allende and Pinochet in Chile - When Capitalism is Great and Not-so-great - 20th Century Capitalism and Regulation in the United States - French Revolution:Reign of Terror,The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte - Haitian Revolution - Napoleon and the Wars of the First and Second Coalitions - Napoleon and the War of the Third Coalition - Napoleon and the War of the Fourth Coalition - Napoleon's Peninsular Campaigns - French Invasion of Russia - Napoleon Forced to Abdicate - Thomas Malthus and Population Growth

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