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Lecture 1: Linux Administration Tutorial - 1

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In this you will understand how to install Linux. You will learn partitions, package selections and post install configurations.

Topics covered in this video:
1) Installation.
2) Package Selection.
3) First Boot: Post-Install Configuration.
4) Anatomy of a Kickstart File
5) Command line.
6) Introduction to Bash Shell.
7) Stream text editor (grep, sed, and awk).
8) System Initialization.
9) Starting the Boot Process: GRUB, Run Levels.

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Linux Administration - Linux Installation on CentOS - Linux Installation Tutorial
Linux Initialization Tutorial for Beginners - Linux Administration - Linux Commands - Using Linux YUM Package Manager - Linux Package Management with RPM and YUM - Understanding Boot Management Process - DNS Configuration in Linux - DNS Configuration - SELinux Tutorial - SELinux Features - Device Management using Udev - Understanding Udev in Linux - kernel Programming - Kernel Services in linux Administration - Linux Installation Step by Step - Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners - Linux Tutorial - User Administration in Linux

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