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Lecture 16: Function pointers and callbacks

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See complete series on pointers here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

In this lesson, we have explained use cases of function pointer through code examples. In previous video, we had explained basics of function pointers.

See Bubble sort video here:

About event handling - You can think of a scenario where if something happens in a user interface, you want to perform some action. For example, upon a mouse click, you want to call some function. Many libraries give you a design where you can register a callback function to be called upon an event (like a mouse click). Library function will callback this function that you would register whenever the event occurs. Basically library function will call all functions registered for the event (stored in some list).

See this Wikipedia article to know about events: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_(computing)

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Introduction to pointers in C/C++ - Working with pointers - Pointer types, pointer arithmetic, void pointers - Pointers to Pointers in C/C++ - Pointers as function arguments - call by reference - Pointers and arrays - Arrays as function arguments - Character arrays and pointers - Pointers and 2-D arrays - Pointers and multidimensional arrays - Pointers and dynamic memory - stack vs heap - Dynamic memory allocation in C - malloc calloc realloc free - Pointers as function returns in C/C++ - Function Pointers in C / C++ - Function pointers and callbacks - Memory leak in C/C++

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