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Lecture 1: MongoDB Tutorial

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MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, which enables building and running applications using modern development techniques. Go through the video, which explains in detail about MongoDB, along with the following topics being covered:
• Database Categories
• MongoDB Overview
• Desighn Goals for MongoDB Server and Database
• MongoDB Tools
• Introduction to JSON and BSON

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All topics related to ‘MongoDB’ have extensively been covered in our course ‘MongoDB Development and Administration’.

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Introduction to MongoDB - What is MongoDB - Demo On MongoDB Installation - MongoDb Installation On Windows, CentOs & Ubuntu - Mongo DB Installation on Windows - Mongodb Installation Centos - MongoDB Installation On Ubuntu - Nosql database - Why Nosql - Choose the right NoSQL Database - Types of Database Categories - Understanding MongoDB's Development and Production Architecture - Understanding MongoDB Architecture - Introduction To Json & Bson in MongoDB - Mongo DB Overview - MongoDB Use Cases - Demo on Mongo DB Tools - Understanding Scalability using Concept of Sharding in MongoDB - Replication In MongoDB - Crud Operations In MongoDB - Understanding Journaling in MongoDB - MongoDB vs Cassandra

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