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Lecture 1: Apache Spark & Scala Tutorial 1

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Apache Spark, developed by Apache Software Foundation, is an open-source big data processing and advanced analytics engine. It allows developers to develop applications in Scala, Python and Java. This video provides detailed knowledge about various features of this high-speed cluster-computing framework and also Scala, the language in which Spark has been written.

Moreover, these are the topics covered in the video:

1.What is Big Data?
2.Big Data Generation
3.Un-structured Data is Exploding
4.Definition of Big Data
5.How to Handle Big Data?
6.Fastest Big Data Analytics Framework
7.What is Spark?
8.Why Spark?
9.Spark Functional Features
10.Spark- Non-functional Features
11.Spark- Programming Interface
12.Spark Version Timeline
13.Introduction to Scala
14.Scala- Functional Programming
15.Frameworks in Scala
16.Why Scala?
17.Scala REPL

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Course Description :

Introduction to Apache Spark & Scala - Introduction to Big Data & Spark - What is Scala | Introduction to Scala - What is Scala REPL - Scala REPL Explained - Apache Spark Ecosystem - What is Spark - Spark Installation - What is Scala | Overview of Scala Programming - Hadoop Map Reduce Vs. Apache Spark & Scala - Why Scala ? - Scala Functional Programming - Introduction to Scala - Spark Functional Features - Variable Types of Scala - What is Batch processing and real-time Processing - Traits and Oops in Scala - Understanding RDD | Analyze Scala RDD - Beyond Hadoop Mapreduce : Spark + Hadoop - Understanding Apache Spark in Depth - PySpark: Python API for Spark - Invoke Spark Shell & Pyspark - Spark for Big Data - Big Data Processing with Spark - Big Data Processing using Spark & Scala - Webinar

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