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Lecture 1: Apache Mahout Tutorial-1

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Apache mahout is known to produce free impelementations of distributed or otherwise scalable machine learning algorithms focussed primarily in the areas of clustering and classification.

Some of the topics covered in this video are as follows:
1. Introduction to Machine Learning and Apache mahout
2. Mahout and Hadoop
3. Recommendation Engine
4. Impelementing a recommender and recommendation platform
5. Clustering
6. Classification
7. Mahout and Amazon EMR
8. Project Discussion
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Apache Mahout Tutorial - Machine Learning with Mahout - Introduction to Apache Mahout - What is Mahout ? - Mahout Overview - Machine Learning Use cases - Classification of Apache Mahout - Mahout Machine Learning - Learning Techniques in Mahout - Supervised Learning Technique In Mahout - Introduction to Recommendation Systems - Introduction to Pearsons Correlation - Understanding Distance Measures in Apache Mahout - Understanding Euclidean Distance & Cosine Similarities in Mahout - Tanimoto Coefficient - Understanding Basics of Clustering - Introduction to Clustering in Mahout - Clustering Algorithms - ClickStream Analytics in Mahout - Introduction to Fuzzy K Means - Collaborative Filtering Framework - Similarities Metrics in Mahout - Introduction to Myrrix and Oryx - What is Canopy Clustering | Canopy Clustering in Mahout - What is Topic Model | Understanding LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) - Introduction to Clustering Techniques - Understanding Apriori Algorithm - Apriori Algorithm Using Mahout - Mahout Clustering - Mahout Clustering Tutorial - Apache Mahout Clustering - Mahout Overview - Mahout Machine Learning - Mahout Use Cases - Apache Mahout Tutorial

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