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Fluid Mechanics

Lecture 1: Fluid Mechanics

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Course Description :

•Fundamental Concepts of Fluid Flow: Fundamental definitions, Flow characteristics, Classification of fluids, Fluid properties, Foundations of flow analysis.
•Fluid Statics: Fluid pressure, Forces on solid surfaces, Buoyant forces.
•Kinematics of Fluid Flow: Equations for acceleration, Continuity equation, Irrotational and rotational flow, Potential and stream functions.
•Dynamics of Fluid Flow: Finite control volume analysis, Euler and Bernoulli’s theorems, Impulse momentum theory, Applications of energy and momentum equations
•Laminar and Turbulent Flows: Types of flow, Reynolds experiment, Laminar flow between parallel plates, Laminar flow in pipes, Turbulent flow in pipes.
•Pipe Flow Systems: Darcy-Weisbach equation, Moody diagram, Energy losses in pipelines, Minor losses, Multiple pipe systems.
•Dimensional Analysis: Model similitude, Model scales, Theory and applications.
•Navier- Stokes Equations and Applications: Introduction to Navier- Stokes equations, Exact solutions for simple cases of flow, Plane Poiseuille flow, Coutte flow, Stokes flow and porous media flow.
•Boundary Layer Theory and Applications: Concepts of boundary layer, Flow separation, Circulation, Drag and lift on immersed bodies.

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