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Prestressed Concrete Structures

Lecture 32: Cantilever Beams

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Prestressing System - Type of Prestressing - Prestressing System and Devices - Concrete - Concrete,Grout - Prestressing Steel - Losses in Prestress - Friction&Anchorage Slip - Creep,Shrinkage&Relaxation Losses - Analysis of Members - Analysis of Members Under Flexure - Cracking Moment,Kern Point and Pressure Line - Analysis of Rectangular sections - Analysis of Flanged Sections - Analysis of Partically Prestressed Section - Design of Members - Design of Members for Flexure - Choice of Sections and Determination of Limiting - Magnel's Graphical Method - Detailing Requirements - Analysis and Design for Shear and Torsion - Design for Shear - Analysis of Torsion - Calculations of Deflection and Crack Width - Transmission of Prestress - Post-tensioned Members - Cantilever Beams - Continuous Beams - Composite Sections - One-Way Slabs - Two-Way Slabs - compression Members - Circular Prestressing,Conclusion

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