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Soil Mechanics

Lecture 26: Flow of water through soils - VII

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Course Description :

Introduction; Origin of soils; Basic Relationships; Properties of Soil Aggregate, Soil Structure; Soil Classification.
Soil Compaction; Laboratory compaction; Factors affecting soil compaction; Field compaction.
Soil-water Statics;
Concept of Effective Stress.
Flow through soils; Quick Sand condition; Permeability and methods for its determination; Flownets.
Stresses in soil from surface loads; Boussinesq theory; Newmark’s chart.
Consolidation of soils; Settlement of compressible soil layers; Sand drains.
Shear strength; Mohr circle of stress; Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion; Estimation of shear strength parameters; Stress paths.
Earth Pressure theories- Retaining walls; Anchored bulkheads.
Stability of slopes; Infinite/Finite Slope Stability Analysis.

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