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Accounting can be defined as the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about a business entity. And the Accounting course section provides participants with 3 exclusive modules—introduction to Finance, Management Accounting and Accounting and Finance for you to participate in.

A course in Management Accounting provides the participants with the knowledge required to analyze financial information as well as understand the economic climate of the area in review or the economic events occurring during a particular interval of time. While the Accounting and Finance course introduces the fundamentals of accounting which includes studying; balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow/circulation.

Although there are no official pre-requisite courses, participants are encouraged to acquire more than a basic understanding of mathematics and the diverse mathematical operations that can be done with numbers due to the mathematical nature of the course.

A course in accounting is useful to everyone seeking to run or work in an organization. We recommend that investors, entrepreneurs and interested employees, participate in this course.