How to Download MITOCW and UC Berkeley video lectures

Hi all, I have been receiving lots of mails on how to download video lectures which are available both on and various websites esp., on MITOCW and UC Berkeley University.

1. Because Most of the video lectures are streaming, you need to have a streaming recorder. You can download a trial version of HiDownload.

2. Install it.

3. Get the video URL you would like to download.

  • For Downloading the videos which are being played at, Go to the page(i.e Course page) where videos are being played and look for “visit main site” or “Course website” as shown in the picture and Click on visit main Site. You will get the actual course web-page.


  • For videos hosted on other website, Go to that video lectures page and just follow these steps.
  • Choose the lecture you would like to download. Right click on the link, you would get a option “copy link location” in FireFox and “Copy Shortcut” in Internet Explorer. click on that as shown in the picture i.e the video link is been copied.

4. Now Open the HiDownload tool, which you have installed in step 2 5. Goto File -> Add, you would get a pop-up as shown in the below fig.

  • Right click on the URL location and click on paste and then OK. The video will be saved in the location where you have installed the HiDownload. You can change it to your preferable location by changing the location at “Save to” option in the above picture.

6. You must see this picture on your HiDownload tool. Click the image for big picture. You must be able to see all the details like, video name, time taken so far, time required to still, % of completion, connection

speed etc…


7. That’s all. Video will be downloaded .

8. If you have any doubts post them in the comment section.

I request you all to bookmark this on your favorite bookmarking site, so that everybody will come to know and will be helpful.

Thank you.


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