20+ Computer Programming Courses

Here is compilation of more than 20 Computer science courses for programmers. Most of these course video lectures are downloadable in various formats like MP4, FLV, 3Gp and Audio. Some of these courses have torrents to download, so, please check online courses torrents.

Introductory and Advanced Courses

  1. Principles of Programming Languages IIT Madras
  2. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming MIT OCW
  3. Introductoy Programming University of Washington
  4. Operating Systems and System Programming, Spring 2010 UC Berkeley
  5. Computer Science I: Programming Methodology Stanford University
  6. Computer Science II: Programming Abstractions Stanford University
  7. Computer Science III: Programming Paradigms Stanford University
  8. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs MIT OCW
  9. Introduction to Computer Science I Harvard University

Programming Language Courses

  1. C Programming and Data Structures IIT Kharagpur
  2. C++ Programming TheNewBostonYoutube Channel
  3. Programming in C++ Prof. Bernd Mohr
  4. Java Programming TheNewBostonYoutube Channel
  5. Object oriented programming with Java ArsDigita University
  6. Python Programming TheNewBostonYoutube Channel
  7. Web 2.0 AJAX Programming Google
  8. Building Dynamic Websites Harvard University
  9. Multicore Programming Primer MIT OCW
  10. Advanced Multimedia Programming The University of New South Wales
  11. A Practical Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms Using Java Washington University


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