How to Download a Video Lecture

There has been some confusion about how to download a video lecture. I prepared a detailed guide to help you.

Download link appears right below the video, for every lecture. There are two ways to download the video from our website.

Direct Download

Some videos can be downloaded directly, in a single click, if you see the link like in the below picture

choose the video format you prefer and get the video. This particular video lecture is available in MP4, WMV and MP3 formats.

YouTube Video Download

If the video is from YouTube, download link looks like in the below picture.

Here, you will be redirected to This needs java installed on your PC. If java is not installed, it provides a link to get java like in the pic

Follow the link and install Java. Entire process should contain all the following steps.

How to Download Java

Agree the terms and install the downloaded file.

Now, refresh the keepvid page and you should see like in the pic below

Choose the video quality you prefer. Only audio, MP3, is also available.

I hope the steps mentioned above provides enough help. If i miss any step or if you encounter any problem, share it in the comment section. I will look into that.

Check our guide to YouTube playlist downloader


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