Read Google Books Offline


March 6, 2012apps2 Comments

Love using Google Books but worried about unreliable internet connections? Use the free GooReader desktop app to read Google Books online or offline. In addition to letting you read Google Books online and offline, GooReader allows you to add Bookmarks and create a local library. Here are a few additional details on the app’s features:

Read books offline – Rather than dealing with awkward internet browser page scrolling, GooReader offers a convenient option for reading magazines and books directly on your desktop through an interactive interface. Zoom pages, search book content and take notes or save content all by using the app online or offline.

Google Books offline readerCreate Bookmarks and Libraries – GooReader conveniently lets you create a local library of your Google Books on your hard drive. The library is accessible while offline, eliminating the need to search for books with each use. Bookmarks are automatically created each time a book is closed, letting you quickly pick up where you left off every time. GooReader also provides access to your already-established online Google Library, allowing you to manage personal bookshelves.

Save to PDF – Convert Google Books to PDF files directly from GooReader for easy reading access on e-Book readers or mobile devices. Please note, the option to convert books and magazines to PDF files is available with the app’s paid version.

If you’ve been searching for a convenient method of accessing Google Books offline or via your desktop, the GooReader may just be the ideal solution.