50+ Free Online Course Torrents (Video Lectures)

Here is the list of courses with torrents to download entire course. These are the most viewed courses. Some of the torrents are shared by our visitors from various parts of the world. Please seed the torrents to allow others to download.

  1. General Human Anatomy, UC Berkeley
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  2. Java Programming, TheNewBoston on YouTube
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  3. Computer Networks, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  4. General Human Anatomy, Fall 2008, UC Berkeley
    Course Home 
  5. C++ Programming, TheNewBoston on YouTube
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  6. Data Structures And Algorithms, IIT Delhi
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  7. Calculus I, University of Missouri Kansas City
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  8. Internet Technology, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  9. Digital Signal Processing, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  10. Database Design, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  11. Digital Image Processing, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  12. Basic Electrical Technology, IISc Bangalore
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  13. Introduction to Computer Science I, Harvard
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  14. Embedded Systems, IIT Delhi
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  15. Building Dynamic Websites, Harvard
    Course Home 
  16. Data Communication, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  17. Introduction to Psychology, Yale
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  18. Control Engineering, IIT Bombay
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  19. Electromagnetic Fields, IIT Madras
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  20. College Algebra, University of Missouri Kansas City
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  21. Operating Systems and System Programming, Spring 2010, UC Berkeley
    Course Home
  22. Design and Analysis of Algorithms, IIT Bombay
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  23. Basic Electronics and Lab, IIT Madras
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  24. Gross Anatomy Dissections, University of Michigan
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  25. Software Engineering, IIT Bombay
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  26. Circuit Theory, IIT Delhi
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  27. Digital Circuits and Systems, IIT Madras
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  28. Freshman Organic Chemistry, Yale
    Course Home –YouTube Playlist
  29. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  30. Power Electronics, IIT Bombay
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  31. Financial Markets, Yale
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  32. Data Structures, UC Berkeley
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  33. Wireless Communication, IIT Delhi
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  34. Python Programming, TheNewBoston on YouTube
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  35. General Chemistry, Spring 2010, UC Berkeley
    Course Home 
  36. Digital Communication, IIT Bombay
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  37. Computer Architecture, IIT Delhi
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  38. Networks Signals and Systems, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  39. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, MIT
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  40. Power System Generation Transmission and Distribution, IIT Delhi
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  41. Mathematics I, IIT Kanpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  42. Introduction to Statistics, Fall 2009, UC Berkeley
    Course Home 
  43. History of Economic Thought, University of Oregon
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  44. ELEC3104 Digital Signal Processing, The University of New South Wales
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  45. Introduction to Econometrics, University of Oregon
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  46. Computer System Engineering, MIT
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  47. Probability and Random Processes, IIT Kharagpur
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  48. Solid State Devices, IIT Madras
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  49. Networks and Systems, IIT Madras
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  50. Computer Graphics, IIT Madras
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  51. Microelectronic Devices and Circuits, UC Berkeley
    Course Home 
  52. Cognitive Neuroscience, UC Berkeley
    Course Home 
  53. Principles of Programming Languages, IIT Madras
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  54. Physics 210 – General Physics I, University of Missouri Kansas City
    Course Home 
  55. Engineering Mathematics, The University of New South Wales
    Course Home – YouTube Playlist
  56. Broadband Networks: Concepts and Technology, IIT Bombay
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
  57. Calculus, The University of New South Wales
    Course Home –  YouTube Playlist
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  1. i need Theory of Computation &/ Automata video lecture. so please help

  2. sir really ur videos r helping us a lot……………could u plz add AUTOMATA AND COMPILER DESIGN videso . i will be very much thankfull to u if my request is consider

  3. The android tutorials are not there. Can you please provide some tutorials for Android.

  4. Communication Engineering by Prof. Surendra Prasad , IIT Delhi
    Please provide torrent of above…….

  5. BEWARE. MOST OF THESE TORRENTS CONTAIN VIRUS. My computer and most of my friends computers are infected with viruses after downloading these torrents.

  6. ur job is really good.can i get graduation courses like maths,physics,chemistry

  7. thank you but i cant download them .all of them are filter

  8. Communication Engineering by Prof. Surendra Prasad , IIT Delhi
    Please provide torrent of above…….

    It is nptel video series …….

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  11. plz add lectures of digital electronics ……….. or digital system for computer science branch………..

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  13. Could u please tell me if there is any video lecture on microprocessors available on the net or for purchase?
    I heard there is one by Prof S.Srinivasan (IIT M). But i am unable to find it.

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  17. Superb and Damn good. Looking for nptel lectures in the field of vlsi and microwaves.

  18. please add c programming and data structure and android lecture

  19. plz add theory of automata lectures………

  20. Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU

  21. Avinash Avinash MishraFebruary 3, 2011 at 6:05 pmReply

    you are the great man dude…
    thanks a lot…

  22. vids indeed helpfull open source sharing knowledge ,thats changing the world in education worthy thanx ,ARE VID avail 4 UNIX SYSTEM PROGRAMMING pls upload early in need this sem

  23. pls upload UNIX .S. PGM ON YOUTUBE

  24. pls upload any video tutes regarding linux and unix servers pls. It does really help us. Thanks for your great work

  25. can u please add the lecture on automata theory and languages of iit guwahati..i am not getting it any where but this is in list of iit lectures ,,plz sir

  26. Where can I get video lectures/notes for “MicroProcessor 8085”, “MicroController 8051 and Embedded Systems”, “Microwave And Radar” And “Antenna Wave Propagation” ??

    • I’m also searching for 8085, 8086 and 8051 video lectures..
      If any knows plz let us also know.. it helps us a lot..
      I’m in desperate need of it..

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  29.  Whoooo nice collection ..THX

  30. dude, lets try new platform, 
    Go for Arduino

  31. hi, this is the very good site,
    if possible please upload Antenna Theory subject
    thank you

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  33. Hello Ankamma Rao! Could you please help me get the video lectures on “Operating Systems” by by Prof.Kumkum Garg, IIT Roorkee. Thank you.

  34. poora bhandar hai doston……shukriya janab!!

  35. torrent does work for introduction to psychology by yale..

     plz upload torent for mechanical engg , fluid mechanics, fluid machinery , heat transfer, manufacturing process1 , 2

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  52. a new era of spreading quality education to every one.

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  55. please seed electro magnetic fields…
    I need them desperately….

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