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Chain rule & partial derivatives


Lecture Description

This video shows how to calculate partial derivatives via the chain rule. Such ideas are seen in first year university.

Course Description

Vector Revision – Intro to curves and vector functions – Limits of vector functions – Calculus of vector functions – Calculus of vector functions tutorial – Vector functions of one variable tutorial – Vector functions tutorial – Intro to functions of two variables – Partial derivatives-2 variable functions: graphs + limits tutorial – Multivariable chain rule and differentiability – Chain rule: partial derivative of $arctan (y/x)$ w.r.t. $x$ – Chain rule: identity involving partial derivatives – Chain rule & partial derivatives – Partial derivatives and PDEs tutorial – Multivariable chain rule tutorial – Gradient and directional derivative – Gradient of a function – Tutorial on gradient and tangent plane – Directional derivative of $f(x,y)$ – Gradient & directional derivative tutorial – Tangent plane approximation and error estimation – Partial derivatives and error estimation – Multivariable Taylor Polynomials – Taylor polynomials: functions of two variables – Differentiation under integral signs: Leibniz rule – Leibniz’ rule: Integration via differentiation under integral sign

Evaluating challenging integrals via differentiation: Leibniz rule – Critical points of functions. Chris Tisdell UNSW Sydney – Second derivative test: two variables. Chris Tisdell UNSW Sydney – How to find critical points of functions – Critical points + 2nd derivative test: Multivariable calculus – Critical points + 2nd derivative test: Multivariable calculus – How to find and classify critical points of functions – Lagrange multipliers – Lagrange multipliers: Extreme values of a function subject to a constraint – Lagrange multipliers example – Lagrange multiplier example: Minimizing a function subject to a constraint – 2nd derivative test, max / min and Lagrange multipliers tutorial – Lagrange multipliers: 2 constraints-Intro to vector fields – What is the divergence – Divergence + Vector fields – Divergence of a vector field: Vector Calculus – What is the curl? Chris Tisdell UNSW Sydney – Curl of a vector field (ex. no.1): Vector Calculus – Line integrals – Integration over curves – Path integral (scalar line integral) from vector calculus

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