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Binomial Distribution 2


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Statistics: The average | Descriptive statistics,Sample vs. Population Mean,Variance of a population,Sample variance,Standard -deviation,Alternate variance formulas – Introduction to Random Variables – Probability density functions – Binomial Distribution – Expected Value: E(X) – Expected value of binomial distribution – Poisson process – Law of large numbers – Normal distribution excel exercise – Introduction to the normal distribution – normal distribution problems: Qualitative sense of normal distributions – normal distribution problems: z-score – normal distribution problems: Empirical rule – exercise: Standard normal distribution and the empirical – More empirical rule and z-score practice – Central limit theorem – Sampling distribution of the sample mean – Standard error of the mean – Sampling distribution example problem – Confidence interval – Mean and variance of Bernoulli distribution example – Bernoulli distribution mean and variance formulas – Margin of error – Confidence interval example – Small sample size confidence intervals – Hypothesis testing and p-values – One-tailed and two-tailed tests – Z-statistics vs. T-statistics – Small sample hypothesis test – T-statistic confidence interval – Large sample proportion hypothesis testing – Variance of differences of random variables – Difference of sample means distribution – Confidence interval of difference of means – Clarification of confidence interval of difference of means – Hypothesis test for difference of means – Comparing population proportions

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