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A lively panel and audience conversation about the growing interest and involvement in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Topics include the movement's primary catalysts, the 2008 bailout, the nation's growing economic disparity--as well as how the movement will grow and evolve in the coming months.October 13, 2011

Course Description

Reporting from a Transformed America – Ask What You Can Do: Inspiring Public Service -The Politics of Polarization – Perspectives from DC & Beyond – The Institute of Politics-Civility in Politics: Is There Hope – The Institute of Politics – Inside the Arab Awakening – The Institute of Politics – A Panel Discussion on the PBS series “Women War and Peace” – Financial Crisis Déjà Vu – The Institute of Politics – “We are the 99 Percent” From Frustration to Occupation – Institute of Politics – The Chilean Path to Development – BIN LADEN KILLED “Justice has been done”- FORUM: “Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Oil Spills & Meltdowns: Acting In Time Against the Next Disaster – FORUM: “Challenges on the US/Mexico Border: Drugs, Violence and Terror”-Tea Party – What’s Brewing for the Budget Battle and the Ballot Box? – Institute of Politics – JAPAN: The Earthquake & The Worldwide Aftershocks – A public address by: The Honorable Bill Richardson – Institute of Politics: A public address by the Honorable Eric Cantor

Institute of Politics: A public address by the Honorable William Perry – Institute of Politics: General Raymond T. Odierno: Commanding General, Joint Forces Command – Institute of Politics: REAGAN 100: The Leader, The Lesson, The Legacy – Thinking About Leadership – Tunisia, Egypt & Lebanon: Changing Arab Politics? – “Rebuild the Dream” The Next American Economy – A public address by Van Jones – Making the Tax System Work for All of Us – 2011 Glauber Lecture by Douglas H. Shulman – A Film Screening and Conversation with Newt Gingrich – Institute of Politics-The 2011 New Frontier Awards with Caroline Kennedy – Institute of Politics – Mayors on the Front Line: Occupy Wall Street, Flash Mobs and Gun Violence – Institute of Politics – A Conversation with Robert Zoellick – Institute of Politics – The Challenges of Growing Inequality – Institute of Politics – Why Women Won the Nobel Prize – Institute of Politics

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