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Fresh Concrete : Role of Admixtures II


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Lecture Series on Building Materials and Construction by Dr .B.Bhattacharjee, Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description

Functions of buildings and structure in general. Loads on buildings as per IS 875, IS 1893 and NBC. Functional requirements of buildings and necessity of byelaws,Role of materials in construction,Concrete as a material, its ingredients and Concrete Production Process including prefabrication, modular coordination,Cement: Hydration of cement, Chemical reaction, Structure of cement paste, Consistency and setting. Lime and supplementary cementations materials,Fresh Concrete: Role of aggregates and water in fresh concrete, workability Test for workability Role of admixtures, Segregation and bleeding,Strength of concrete: Role of porosity, w/c ratio, Role of aggregate, aggregate –mortar interface, Tensile strength, Modulus of elasticity and their tests. NDT,Durability and long term performance of concrete, Role of mineral admixture, w/c ratio and cement content. Sulphate attack, corrosion of rebar etc, IS 456 requirements,Cement, aggregate and water selection for concrete,Mix design of concrete,Bricks and mortar and their properties, brick and other masonry construction, Selection of bricks/masonry units and mortar for masonry. Requirements of walls and types of walls. Masonry design requirements as per IS 1905,Metals with reference to Structural Steel: Structure and its role in properties of steel. Strengthening mechanism in metals. Behaviour in service and corrosion. Uses of metals in civil engineering,Plastics and Polymers in construction, admixture paints, sealants and adhesives. Water proofing materials,Timber and plywood and glasses,Typical roof construction and foundations, plastering pointing and damp proofing.

This video course is part of NPTEL courses delivered by IIT Delhi.

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