90+ Free Science Courses with Video Tutorials

There are plenty of free courses online, some of them are self-paced. New trend in online education is MOOC courses, these are similar to any other paid online programs but free. Some MOOC Providers charge a minimal amount ex: edX charges $50 for course completion certificates. MOOC Courses duration  is little shorter than our regular class room courses. We are putting some of the self-paced Free Science courses with video tutorials.

Computer Science & Programming

    1. Introductory Programming [University of Washington]
    2. Understanding Computers and the Internet [Harvard University]
    3. Computer System Engineering
    4. Data Structures
    5. Introduction to Algorithms
    6. Machine Structures
    7. Computer Language Engineering
    8. Introduction to Copy Right Law
    9. Programming Languages
    10. Introduction to Symbolic Programming
    11. Vision Algorithms
    12. Computer System Analysis
    13. Object oriented programming with Java
    14. Relational Database Management Systems [RDBMS]
    15. Introduction to Programming
    16. C Programming
    17. Programming in C++
    18. programming with JAVA
    19. SQL Server 2005
    20. Python, Java, Ruby, Linux, Graphics, Blender etc…
    21. MSVC Debugger Tutorial


    1. Solid State Devices
    2. Circuits and Electronics
    3. Digital Integrated Circuits
    4. Electricity and Magnetism
    5. Integrated Circuits for Communications
    6. Introductions to MEMS Design
    7. Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
    8. Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
    9. Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits
    10. Physics of Microfabrication: Front End Processing

Signals & Systems, Communication systems

    1. Digital Image Processing [DIP]
    2. Digital Signal Processing [DSP]
    3. Electromagnetics and Applications
    4. Principles of Digital Communication II
    5. MATLAB Tutorial Movies

Computer Networking

    1. Introduction to Computer Networking
    2. Computer Communication Networking
    3. Wireless and Mobile Networking
    4. Internet Protocols [IP]
    5. Broadband and Optical Networks
    6. Wireless, Wi-Fi, VOIP and Many more


    1. Linear Algebra
    2. Differential Equations
    3. Introduction to Statistics
    4. Mathematical Methods for Engineers II
    5. Mathematics of Finance
    6. Applied Probability
    7. Discrete Mathematics
    8. Calculus-I Key Concepts
    9. Mathematical video lectures [All Topics]
    10. Brief review of Elementary Algebra
    11. Mathematical Problems II
    12. Statistics and Numerical Methods in HEP
    13. Finite Mathematics
    14. Dovermann’s Derive Videos


    1. Introductory Physics [University of California]
    2. Physics I: Classical Mechanics
    3. Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
    4. Physics III: Vibrations and Waves
    5. Exploring BlackHoles: General Relativity & Astrophysics
    6. Modern Physics [Prof Sharma’s]
    7. Lectures on Quantum Physics
    8. The Wonders of Physics
    9. Physics – How Things Work
    10. String Theory
    11. Quantum Mechanics for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


    1. Introduction to Solid State Chemistry
    2. Principles of Chemical Science
    3. Organic Chemistry
    4. Astrophysical Chemistry [NOVA]
    5. Organic Chemistry [Hoverford college]
    6. Organic Chemistry II [University Regensburg]

Anatomy & Physiology

  1. General Human Anatomy

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