Best NOTE taking APPS

Have you been in a situation where you suddenly had to note down something important or a killer-idea strikes your mind but did not find a pen and a paper to put it down? Are you tired of scribbling on stick-notes and gather them again or writing in a cluttered workspace and later trying to understand your on-the-fly horrible handwriting?

Worry not, as nowadays most of us use smartphones and there are plenty of APPS available to make your job simple, faster and convenient.

Here are some of the Best NOTE taking APPS.



Available across Android, iOS and windows, web and desktop platforms and is one of the most popular.

It is a modern workspace that syncs between all of your devices. Not just adding notes it also allows you to form pictures. There is a little microphone in the app that lets you record audio while you take notes, so that you can have reference for later. One can also attach files and discuss notes right on the APP. So start ‘Evernote’ing now!


With Papyrus you can write just like you would on paper using an active pen, passive stylus, or your finger. This app helps you take handwritten notes naturally on your Android tablet or phone!

One can also turn their device into a virtual whiteboard or give presentations in a class, meeting, or conference by wirelessly casting to a TV/projector (e.g. using Miracast, Chromecast). Export notes as PDFs or images, then share them with others or store them in the cloud!

Note Everything

Available on Android platform this app is a simple yet highly user-friendly notepad application which serves your basic purpose of taking notes without frills and fancies!

It also has additional features to record voice and paint-notes. Your notes can be organized in folders. You can create shortcuts on home, send notes, use live folders & much more!

Microsoft office OneNote

This is the most convenient for windows users. OneNote now has free apps for PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices also.

A free Microsoft account is required to use OneNote. It is a digital notebook for your to-do lists, lecture and meeting notes, vacation plans, or anything you want to organize or remember. OneNote also saves pictures, audio files and converts your texts into PDF files.

Google Keep app

Google Keep- notes and lists

This helps you quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. It has a feature to speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Also allows one to set a location-based reminder, share ideas with friends and family through photos and search and organize your notes the way you want!

Simple Note

Available both for Android and iOS, the app really keeps it simple! It is all about speed and efficiency. Open it, write some thoughts, and you’re done. As your collection of notes grows, you can search them instantly and keep them organized with tags and pins. You can also share notes and publish them for other people.


This app is exclusively for the iPad from Evernote. Penultimate is a digital handwriting app that combines the natural experience of pen and paper with power of Evernote’s sync and search features. If you want to explore your creative side, draw diagrams or sketches, this is the best app.

Fifty-three for iOS

One can create diagrams, charts, and wireframes at the speed of thought. It adds three new tools—Diagram, Cut, and helps you quickly create powerful, personable graphics to express any idea, and continue seamlessly into your favourite presentation app.

Notepad+Free and ColorNote are also some other useful and fun APPS available on android.

So download these APPS to make your note taking ability ‘NOTABLE’!

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