Google opens an intense learning program on Udacity

Google recently declared that it’s launching an intense learning program to particularly initiate online course provider Udacity (MOOC).

Intense learning is a progressively more admired category of AI (artificial intelligence). Speaking, in general, it entails guiding artificial neural systems on heaps of data — for instance images — and acquiring them to create inferences regarding fresh data founded on what they understand.

One of Google’s chief scientists and technological head of the Google’s Brain team, Vincent Vanhoucke, is instructing the program, which is an element of Udacity’s Nanodegree course for machine learning engineer. The team presses forward the organization’s core intense learning expertise, which can be utilized within numerous Google products.

Undeniably, Google utilizes intense learning in a lot of of its applications, counting, Inbox by Gmail, Google Voice Search, Google Translate and Google Photos.

In November, Google launched TensorFlow, a significant part of intense learning software offered by Google Brain team. Also, not surprisingly, the Udacity program will include TensorFlow, in addition to complex neural networks, continual neural networks, and long term and temporary memory networks, Vanhoucke cited in one of blog posts on the bulletin.

Vanhoucke mentioned that the overall objective of creating this program was to offer the machine learning aficionado a direct and quick path to resolving factual and fascinating problems with intense learning system, and they were extremely thrilled to share what they had created.

Just similar to TensorFlow software, the program is free of cost.

Udacity’s adversary Coursera provides a machine learning program from deep learning celebrity Andrew Ng (former member of Google Brain team).

Separately, Google stated in a blog post that roughly a million people have already registered for Google’s Developer Training programs offered through Udacity.


The World’s Best Schools Come Together- Earn your certifications & degrees from Yale, Berkeley and LSE at IIM-B

This is certainly is a proud moment for India, IIM-B students have been given a great opportunity to take their careers on the next level. They have been given an option to elect courses from the most prestigious schools in the world viz. Yale, Berkeley and the London School of Economics. The GNAM (Global Network for Advanced Management) initiative is a unique and phenomenal step taken by Dean Edward Snyder from the Yale School of Management. There are many renowned schools from all the over globe who have made it in this pool of 28 top institutions. IIM-B from India is one of them.

The GNAM methodology has made this possible through a plethora of courses, with the help of technology. These courses are conducted by virtual classroom sessions and small open network courses (SNOC). This network facilitates the exchange of ideas, study resources, global collaboration, and research from various countries and cultures from all over the world. With a combined effort, students can take part in project work and work as a team and these institutions can pick out the best-of-the-best and enrich their academic experience by granting them positions for the Master of Advanced Management Program at the Yale School of Management. GNAM has been adopted by these top institutions as all these schools can collaborate together and work on leadership, development, and define global business in a manner that is synchronized and well deployed.

Students can leverage the framework of SNOC by opting for courses that are not available in their school and can even collaborate with other institutions and students as well. The GNAM program has 20 programs or courses for students from all over the world. This program has been functioning seamlessly as it is only the education institutions that regulate the function of all these courses, students and various other critical parameters. The presence of politics and any other administration that is not required has been kept away from this initiative. IIM-B would garner more connections as well as get top class academicians from other institutions and provide greater opportunities for students to be global players in their careers.

Some of the schools that have been a part of this program are- Asian Institute of Management (The Philippines) ,EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico),ESMT European School of Management and Technology (Germany), FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (Brazil), Fudan University School of Management (China), Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University (Japan) ,HEC Paris (France), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School (China), IE Business School (Spain),IMD (Switzerland), INCAE Business School (Costa Rica, Nicaragua), Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (India),INSEAD (France, Singapore), Koç University Graduate School of Business (Turkey), London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Management (United Kingdom), National University of Singapore Business School (Singapore), Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile School of Business (Chile),Renmin University of China School of Business (China), Seoul National University Business School (South Korea), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (Ireland),University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (South Africa), University of Ghana Business School (Ghana), University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics (Indonesia), & Yale School of Management (USA).

You can check the courses available at IIMB by visiting the following link.

Smart-work sweeps Hard-work- Learn & Understand better with smart study


People always believed in the concept of hard work, it paid, this was a saying in the olden days. But, the modern concept of learning needs smart-work. This article focuses on ways by which this can be achieved.

Our current mind-set towards studying

Most of the students study for long hours, they feel that, the longer they study, the more they would be able to grasp. They are constantly under pressure to perform well in their test and achieve the highest scores. Well, everybody is made in a different way and they also follow various study patterns, some can sit for hours together and study, while others cannot. Students and parents need to understand that longer hours do not necessarily mean high test scores. When we start studying, we have all the energy to concentrate and memorize facts and concepts, but in reality it tends to fade away after a period of about 25 minutes. So if we were to study for 5 hours, it would actually mean that we only had half an hour of complete focus and the rest 4.5 hours were a complete waste as the student was just flipping pages without any focus.

What needs to change?

Session breaking is more efficient

When we study at a stretch for long hours, we tend to lose focus and concentration. Experts suggest that when the studying pattern is broken into sessions, it makes it more effective and delivers greater output. A break of five minutes after a half an hour session can relieve the strain on the mind. You can do whatever you want, listen to music, talk with your parents, listen to music, friends or just give yourself five minutes of break time. Always think of positive things when you study, be confident of who you are and what you can achieve with smart-work.

Create your study-space

If students want to study, they need complete concentration to grasp concepts and facts. This can only be done if they have a certain study space for themselves, studying in the living room, recreational room, balcony or any other place in the house does not render the student absolute convergence. A library or a quiet place in your home is good place for students to study. Most of the kids make the biggest mistake  by studying in their bed-room, the mind after a while will always tell the body to rest, the bed will call for you after a while. Thus, you need to find the right study place that can make you focus as well as keep you relaxed and undisturbed for a specific amount of time.

lead_960 Get the difference right- Concepts and Facts

When reading from a textbook, students don’t tend to understand the difference between facts and concept, or the logic behind the subject. Smart-work demands the need of understanding concepts in ways that can be grasped easily as well as recollected at the earliest. When we read a certain topic, it is imperative that we use mnemonics as a way to identify objects as well as connect them for easy recollection.

Teach what you learn

Teaching people what you learn is the best way to understand concepts in a better way. If you can make a layman understand about what you’ve learnt or understood you’ve done your homework. This means you’ve got the concepts and the facts right. A healthy discussion on a certain topic that you’ve studied with a group of similar individuals, makes it all the more easier to grasp and remember the topic.

Make it Fun to Learn

A learning experience needs to be fun, it needs to be creative. Students easily get distracted when learning becomes more of a compulsory chore, and it becomes rather inefficient. Instead try to think of learning as an adventure and less of rote learning. This mindset makes it more efficient.


Students from schools, colleges and universities need to use the modern concept of smart-work , it’s much more easier, efficient, and helps in getting better scores.