Economics Network Lectures

economics network lectures

Economics Network is a great resource for students, teachers, and independent learners looking to learn economics.

Either you are a beginner or advanced expert, irrespective of your learning stage, variety of learning materials available here can raise your economics understating to a whole new level.

There are materials which can be helpful for someone learning more about economics. They have audio and video lectures from various universities to TED talks, guides for students, along with glossaries of economics terminology to help those trying to get their bearings in this complex, and often confusing, field. There are even worksheets, classroom exercises, and quizzes – these are most helpful for teachers, but can also give students a chance to test their knowledge or study concepts in more depth than they would by simply watching a video.

You can even view the slides from university lectures, work through interactive tutorials on different subjects, and find software applying to different disciplines. The site includes links to free online texts and notes, for those who prefer reading about a subject to watching free videos or listening to lectures.

Economics Network has really managed to amass a comprehensive collection of material that should fit every learning style and every economics student’s academic needs.