101 Free Online Courses with Certificates in 2018 [Top Rated]

We have selected 101 FREE online courses with certificates to learn in 2018. These are all top rated courses from Udemy, Coursera, edX & other course providers. Though Coursera & edX charges for certification, course material is absolutely free for all.

Does Online certification by Udemy, edX or Coursera has any significance or value ?

Yes, Certification is extremely helpful when you are applying for jobs & higher education.

Getting certified either online or offline involves going through course material, tutorials, quizzes and submitting assignments in time. Completing assignments & getting them verified to meet the pass criteria is an indication of your level of learning.

This also shows your willingness to learn new things and commitment to complete the courses though there are no academic grades here.

When it comes to the case of job interviews, certification gets you a good impression in the eyes of interviewer. If they have to choose one among two equally qualifies candidates, one with certification and other candidate without any certification, there is a high chance that the person with certification get priority.

Merely enrolling a course and reviewing the course contents is not enough. It doesn’t really indicate anything.

Improve English & Communication Skills

Communication skills plays an crucial role in understanding & presenting your views. No matter how good you are, there is always room for improving communication skills.

These courses helps you in improving your oral, written (including grammar), business English.

Interview Tips & Getting hired

Having sound technical knowledge is only one part of securing a good job. Presenting your skills in the resume, presenting yourself in front of interview panel is another you should focus while you are looking for jobs. Below courses helps in this part.

Bit Coin & Cryptocurrencies

Of late, Cryptocurrency is trending everywhere. Block Chain is the technology that is behind Cryptocurrencies, making them more secure and error free.


Web development

App Development

Game Development

Database Design & Management

Big Data & Machine Learning

Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurship & Business Management

Build an Online Business

Cloud Computing

Computer Networking

MS Excel

Graphic Design

Photography & Other hobbies

Internet of Things (IOT)

Test Preparation

We have tried to cover every area/subject, if you need some more free courses, please let us know in the comment section.

Hope these free online courses with certificates benefits you in upgrading your skill, knowledge and intern results in getting a job, promotion or admission in good universities.

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