Get rewarded with a degree and half your money back as well

It just can’t get better than this, the Nanodegree program at Udacity has come up with an ingenious proposal for its students. Are you excited to hear about it? Udacity gives you the chance of a 50% cash-back of your tuition fees.


  1. Front-End Web Developer
  2. Full Stack Web Developer
  3. Data Analyst
  4. iOS Developer

Udacity has set itself apart with a focus on the end result of what is learnt and applied in real-time.

marketing_ND_bannerWhat is NANO DEGREE

The Nanodegree program focuses on what people should really know in practical world. This degree program is suitable for individuals who want to pursue their career in the world of technology. Udacity has partnered with the best enterprises in business for curriculum development as well as job opportunities. It aims to put the best individuals in the information technology business, by developing a program that actually makes a difference and sets it apart from the other similar competitors.

Learning model & course work

Udacity has developed a learning model that is easily available at an affordable price for every individual. The coursework is designed by professionals at Udacity as well as people from leading enterprises from all over the globe, this state-of-the-art curriculum empowers students with a one-on-one coaching model, and each candidate is reviewed on tests and projects. With a four stage process an individual or student can know the level of competency for each nanoprogram, the second step takes the student to another level, where they can learn important concepts from trainers and experts, as well as work on real-time industry driven projects with the help of their coaches and other professionals.

Nano projectPROJECT & Interview & Resume Building SKILLS

As soon as candidates finish their project and submit it, they can earn a degree in any of the programs that have chosen to opt for.  An online presence or portfolio is a very crucial factor for individuals to showcase their skills and talent. The Nanodegree program also provides its graduates with interview training, resume building and review as well as various other career benefits.

Udacity has partnered with the best tech giants in the business such as AT&T, Autodesk, Google, Salesforce and lots more. Above all this, it also gives it graduates the ability to get 50% of their tuition fees back, this gives individuals a motivation to complete the program without any cancellation, this in turn increases the pass-out-rate of this program and makes it more successful for Udacity as well as the students who have enrolled and want to graduate.

This eligibility of this program would be an individual paying from his/her own pocket and not being sponsored by a company where the money is reimbursed by the organization itself. Another important criterion would be completing the program within 12 months of enrollment. The Nanoprogram is unique and delivers top-class guidance and career changing opportunities to all its graduates.