Handle your Job Interview Victoriously: Pointers to Make a Lasting Impression

An interview is like any other exam that we have had to prepare for, in school or college. It takes a lot more than the perfect resume, dressing up right, or looking good to crack an interview. Self assessment is the key element before preparing for an interview. Employers are looking for the complete package and not individualistic skills and talent.

Know yourself

The first crucial pointer is self-assessment, knowing oneself in terms of strengths and weaknesses are one of the most important tips that we need to consider before an interview. You need to understand your capabilities and how strong can they be to get you through. Being confident is a good virtue, being overconfident isn’t, and being calm before an interview is good, but being sluggish isn’t. There are very thin lines between the good and the bad when it comes to an interview.

Get your research right- Know your Employer Well

HR professionals and employers can get to you within 30 to 90 seconds of your presence in front of them. You got that right! They are looking the first impact from you, and a disastrous one can surely land you walking towards the door. Enterprises want their employees to know them well before the interview. It gives them a feeling, that the candidate is quite responsible in character and wishes to know more about the company in terms of the work that is done, employee strength, principles, kind of work & work ethics, career growth, prospects, etc.  Rather than just talking about oneself. This also gives a clear idea to the employee, if they are suitable for the job or not. It makes it much easier to filter our jobs this way.

Groom yourself and Be Punctual

Maintaining personal hygiene is another important aspect to create the first impact. Comb your hair neatly, wear crisp formals with a mild fragrance, shave and use a mouth wash, these are some of the chores an individual needs to get right before an interview. Being punctual is the ice-breaker for any interview, be there on time, people do not like to wait, they are busy with other work as well!

 Create a Smart Resume

A resume is a visualistic medium that communicates who you are and what you have achieved in your school, college, prior work, your skills, hobbies, basic information about you and the works! Present it well; don’t cramp it up with things that are not needed. Employers want smart individuals, and it reflects in their resume as well, create a smart resume.

Be Calm & Composed, Do not argue

HR professionals are looking at individuals, who are calm and composed in their mind. Get your posture and gestures right. Candidates who boast about being right all the time, and who are weak listeners are shown the door earlier than they can even imagine, listen more and respond well!

Be True, Lies won’t get you far

Get your facts right, never lie to the interview panel about yourself, your accomplishments and your prior work. Being honest about the wrong things creates a positive impression in the hearts and minds of the panel. Do not manipulate at All!

Ask the right questions & thank the employer

An employer wants to know what the employee expects from them, be it the role, salary, career growth, etc. Do not hesitate to ask the right questions, this makes it easier for the employee and the employer to understand what is expected out f each other and makes the interview process more transparent. Thank the people for their time, as it makes them feel good and also shows respect towards them and their precious time.


Proceed with confidence and read well between the lines, take these pointers as tools to make the interview process all the more easier and result oriented.