Smart-work sweeps Hard-work- Learn & Understand better with smart study


People always believed in the concept of hard work, it paid, this was a saying in the olden days. But, the modern concept of learning needs smart-work. This article focuses on ways by which this can be achieved.

Our current mind-set towards studying

Most of the students study for long hours, they feel that, the longer they study, the more they would be able to grasp. They are constantly under pressure to perform well in their test and achieve the highest scores. Well, everybody is made in a different way and they also follow various study patterns, some can sit for hours together and study, while others cannot. Students and parents need to understand that longer hours do not necessarily mean high test scores. When we start studying, we have all the energy to concentrate and memorize facts and concepts, but in reality it tends to fade away after a period of about 25 minutes. So if we were to study for 5 hours, it would actually mean that we only had half an hour of complete focus and the rest 4.5 hours were a complete waste as the student was just flipping pages without any focus.

What needs to change?

Session breaking is more efficient

When we study at a stretch for long hours, we tend to lose focus and concentration. Experts suggest that when the studying pattern is broken into sessions, it makes it more effective and delivers greater output. A break of five minutes after a half an hour session can relieve the strain on the mind. You can do whatever you want, listen to music, talk with your parents, listen to music, friends or just give yourself five minutes of break time. Always think of positive things when you study, be confident of who you are and what you can achieve with smart-work.

Create your study-space

If students want to study, they need complete concentration to grasp concepts and facts. This can only be done if they have a certain study space for themselves, studying in the living room, recreational room, balcony or any other place in the house does not render the student absolute convergence. A library or a quiet place in your home is good place for students to study. Most of the kids make the biggest mistake  by studying in their bed-room, the mind after a while will always tell the body to rest, the bed will call for you after a while. Thus, you need to find the right study place that can make you focus as well as keep you relaxed and undisturbed for a specific amount of time.

lead_960 Get the difference right- Concepts and Facts

When reading from a textbook, students don’t tend to understand the difference between facts and concept, or the logic behind the subject. Smart-work demands the need of understanding concepts in ways that can be grasped easily as well as recollected at the earliest. When we read a certain topic, it is imperative that we use mnemonics as a way to identify objects as well as connect them for easy recollection.

Teach what you learn

Teaching people what you learn is the best way to understand concepts in a better way. If you can make a layman understand about what you’ve learnt or understood you’ve done your homework. This means you’ve got the concepts and the facts right. A healthy discussion on a certain topic that you’ve studied with a group of similar individuals, makes it all the more easier to grasp and remember the topic.

Make it Fun to Learn

A learning experience needs to be fun, it needs to be creative. Students easily get distracted when learning becomes more of a compulsory chore, and it becomes rather inefficient. Instead try to think of learning as an adventure and less of rote learning. This mindset makes it more efficient.


Students from schools, colleges and universities need to use the modern concept of smart-work , it’s much more easier, efficient, and helps in getting better scores.