University of Colorado Free Math Courses

Most of the time, thinking of open course ware reminds us of MIT, Yale and Stanford. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs(UCCS) also offers free math courses.

UCCS has been providing the math courses online since summer 2005. Courses are offered on semester wise. UCCS mainly focuses on Calculus, Number theory, Differential equations and Liner algebra. So far more than 50 courses are offered since inception. Every course has 40 – 50 high quality video lectures. Each lecture has lecture notes used during the class.

The following courses are offered for the current semester fall 2011. Videos are made available on the same day of the class, so you can sign up and start learning along with the UCCS students.

Unlike at other universities, here you need to register/create an account before accessing the contents.

Note: Learning online following the above courses would only help you understand better and get good grades. No degree/certificate will be issued after completion.