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  1. Hello !
    I m very much astonished and excited as well, to see such a valuable information in form of video lectures available free of cost to every one. I hope and pray that a day will come when each and every thing about new technology will be available and accessible to every one. thanks a lot to those who made it possible.

    Wish u people all the best.

  2. These videos are really great for those who just started out in web design.

    thanks for sharing, great websites.

  3. However this eventually led to a style chaos, as the web pages turned into a dump for all these presentational tags and their attributes.

  4. Thanks for a very informative post!I’ve been a follower and a premium member for a long time and am always fascinated by your talent.I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

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  6. I am  a just starter,  in field,   web designing,want  to improve  my knowledge further, i  mean from
    basic,  in future  I will   keep  corresponding.,   in  this  subject.
     Thank  you  so much.
    nizam deen

  7. dear sir,
                     I want to see a lecture on ophthalmology ie; diseases/symptoms and treatments please.                                                                       
                                                                                                           Sincerely yours,
                                                                                                           Tajamal hussain.

  8. hi

             thnks for help I liked to send as more like this web design is very importan lectures all in all I say again thnks  {  sahal muse }

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  11. hello i have a question.I was your default Joomla template
    enter information.Was suddenly error 404 appears.Please help me

  12. now a days there is very less jobs in web designing and none is intrested to give the job to the freshers. and without getting the opportunity how can a people et experience..!! this is bulsit thinking of employers abd the organisations. So they should work over it otherwise there is no need to learn this technology..

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