15+ YouTube Playlists for programmers

YouTube has been very good platform for learning any thing. Earlier you have seen 400+ courses on YouTube and 130+ NPTEL courses. There are few more courses especially about computer programming. These are contributed by various individuals. These videos are of short time around 10 to 12 min each, created keeping basic learners in the mind. These videos covers from basics like installing IDE to writing complex programs covering every topic.


thenewboston is a great youtube channel, has more than 2o playlists covering topics Python, C, Java, iPhone development and web programming like HTML, CSS, PHP.


Xoax has more than 200 videos but mainly focuses on C++.


As the name suggests, it focuses mainly on PHP and some on MySql.

There are more videos on small projects like writing your own search engine for your database, pagination, creating a rating system etc…

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