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101 Free Courses to Learn in 2018 (Top Rated)

Jan 4,18by admin

We have selected 101 FREE online courses to learn in 2018. These are all top rated courses from Udemy, Coursera, …

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Best Compilers/Interpreters to Practise Programming Online

There are numerous programming languages available these days for developers and every language comes with some amazing features and supported …

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Guide to learn Cloud Computing

Nowadays we often hear the term cloud computing. While most us vaguely know that it something about storing our data …

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25+ Universities and Colleges offering Free Courses Online

Open courseware offered by top universities allow self-learners to access high quality educational materials for no cost. Whether expanding your knowledge on …

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350+ NPTEL Courses with Video Lectures

NPTEL, funded by Indian Govt, jointly initiated  by all seven premier IIT’s and IISc Bangalore. These Indian prestigious institutes have been …

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20+ Computer Programming Courses

Here is compilation of more than 20 Computer science courses for programmers. Most of these course video lectures are downloadable …

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