Big Data in E-Learning: Looking To the Future

Mar 29,15by admin

Big Data in E-Learning: Looking To the Future As more and more institutions—educational, business, governments etc.—continue to integrate e-learning processes …

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Gamification 101: Introducing Gamification in Education

Sep 24,14by admin

A student’s ability to be successful educationally, largely depends on how that particular student retains the information he or she …

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How Google is Revolutionizing the E-learning Community

Aug 21,14by admin

Google’s recent focus on the field of education and e-learning has left educators looking forward to its maneuvers with something …

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Google Glass in Education

Aug 9,14by admin

Integrating Google Glass in Your Virtual Classrooms Integrations of smart devices and wearables into today’s vibrant classrooms have been some …

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Top 7 disruptive e-learning trends for 2014

Jul 8,14by admin

The world of online education or e-learning is a dynamic one for as the world continues to advance in technology, …

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