Electromagnetics and Applications

MIT,, Fall 2005

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Coulombs Force Law and Measurements of Charge - Magnetic Field of a Line Current - Voltmeter Reading Induced by Magnetic Induction - Charge Induced in Ground Plane by Overhead Conductor - Capacitance Attenuator - An Artificial Dielectric - Distribution of Unpaired Charge - Rotation of an Insulating Rod in a Steady Current - Relaxation of Charge on Particle in Ohmic Conductor Supplement: Van de Graaff and Kelvin - Generators - Electrostatic Precipitation - Field of a Circular Cylindrical Solenoid - Field of Square Pair of Coils - Surface Used to Define the Flux Linkage - Field and Inductance of a Spherical Coil - Surface Currents Induced in Ground Plane by Overhead Conductor - Inductive Attenuator - Measurement of B-H Characteristic - Non Uniqueness of Voltage in an MQS System - Edgerton - Currents Induced in a Conducting Shell - Skin Effect - Force on a Liquid Dielectric - Steady State Magnetic Levitation - Visualization of Standing Waves