Computer Science II: Programming Abstractions

Stanford, , Prof. Julie Zelenski

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Introduction to Computer Science Series at Stanford - Similarity between C++ & Java:syntax - variable types - operators - control structures-C++ Libraries - Standard Libraries - C++ Console I/O-Client Use of Templates - More Containers - Seeing Functions as Data: Specific Plot Functions - Common Mistakes Stumbled Upon -Thinking Recursively -Refresh: Permute Code - Backtracking Pseudocode

Pointer Movie - Coding with Linked List - Algorithm Analysis - Selection Sort - Partitioning for Quicksort - Sort Template with Callback-Abstract Data Types - Rules of Template Implementation-Live Coding: Recap of the Vector - based Implementation for Stack-Buffer: Vector vs Stack - Map as Vector - Pathfinder Demo - Compare Map Implementations - Lexicon Case Study - Final Showdown - About the C++ Language, Quick History of C++, C++ Philosophy