Introduction to Basic Electronics, Electronic Devices, Semi Conductor Diodes, Wave Shaping using Diodes, Zener Diode Characteristics, Transistor Biasing, H-Parameters, Frequency Analysis, Differential Amplifiers, Types of Feed Back, Characteristics of Operation Amplifier, Oscillatiors, Unit Junction Transistor (UJT).

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Basic Electronics Details 56:23
Electronic Devices 1 Details 55:9
Electronics Devices II – Resistors Details 59:50
Some Useful Laws in Basic Electronics Details 59:5
Some Useful Theorems in Basic Electronics Details 59:53
Semi Conductor Diodes Details 59:2
Application of Diodes Details 55:13
Wave Shaping using Diodes Details 58:39
Zener Diode Characteristics Details 56:31
Transistors Details 57:44
Transistor Biasing I Details 57:56
Transistor Biasing II Details 57:28
Basic Characteristic of an Amplifer Details 56:52
Hybrid Equivalent Circuit, H-Parameters Details 57:42
Circuit Analysis using H-Parameters Details 56:2
Frequency Response of Amplifiers Details 54:32
Frequency Analysis Details 0:58
Power Amplifiers Details 56:21
Differential Amplifiers CKT Details 58:8
Integrated Chip (IC) Details 58:29
Typical Characteristic of Operation Amplifier Details 58:20
Four Types of Feed Back I Details 56:8
Four Types of Feed Back II Details 55:41
Mathematical Operations I Details 1:33
Mathematical Operations II Details 55:17
Mathematical Operations III Details 58:9
Characteristics of Operation Amplifier I Details 58:30
Characteristics of Operation Amplifier II Details 56:14
Characteristics of Operation Amplifier III Details 56:12
Inverter/Non-Inverter Circuits Details 57:52
Applications of Op Amps I Details 57:3
Non-Linear Op Amp circuits Details 54:6
Applications of Op Amps II Details 53:18
Active Diode Circuits Details 57:58
Oscillatiors Details 57:20
Logarthmic and Anti-Logarthmic Amplifer Details 57:14
Filters Details 53:23
Unit Junction Transistor (UJT) Details 55:37
Silicion Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Details 57:7
Field Effect Transistor (FET) Details 56:7

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