Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent Agents – State Space Search – Uninformed Search – Informed Search – Two Players Games – Constraint Satisfaction Problems – Knowledge Representation and Logic – Interface in Propositional Logics – First Order Logic – Reasoning Using First Order Logic – Resolution in FOPL – Rule Based System – Semantic Net – Reasoning in Semantic Net Frames – Planning – Rule Based Expart System-Reasoning with Uncertainty-Fuzzy Reasoning – Introduction to Learning – Rule Induction and Decision Trees – Learning Using neural Networks – Probabilistic Learning – Natural Language Processing

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Details 57:31
Intelligent Agents Details 56:12
State Space Search Details 59:2
Uninformed Search Details 59:58
Informed Search I Details 59:59
Informed Search II Details 54:52
Two Players Games I Details 58:25
Two Players Games II Details 56:39
Constraint Satisfaction Problems I Details 52:48
Constraint Satisfaction Problems II Details 53:5
Knowledge Representation and Logic Details 56:59
Interface in Propositional Logic Details 52:46
First Order Logic Details 55:19
Reasoning Using First Order Logic Details 59:20
Resolution in FOPL Details 59:3
Rule Based System I Details 57:18
Rule Based System II Details 56:31
Semantic Net Details 57:6
Reasoning in Semantic Net Details 56:41
Frames Details 59:52
Planning I Details 51:58
Planning II Details 55:38
Planning III Details 54:3
Planning IV Details 58:38
Rule Based Expart System Details 59:32
Reasoning with Uncertainty I Details 1:56
Reasoning with Uncertainty II Details 59:4
Reasoning with Uncertainty III Details 58:51
Reasoning with Uncertainty IV Details 58:44
Fuzzy Reasoning I Details 56:30
Fuzzy Reasoning II Details 59:18
Introduction to Learning I Details 56:15
Introduction to Learning II Details 59:30
Rule Induction and Decision Trees I Details 58:25
Rule Induction and Decision Trees II Details 56:40
Learning Using neural Networks I Details 1:46
Learning Using neural Networks II Details 48:45
Probabilistic Learning Details 59:38
Natural Language Processing I Details 57:29
Natural Language Processing II Details 56:25

These video tutorials are delivered by IIT Kharagpur as part of NPTEL online courses program.

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