Introduction, History of Computers, Instruction Set Architecture, Recursive Programs, Architecture Space and Examples, Performance, Binary Arithmetic, ALU Design, Multiplier, Divider Design, Floating Point Arithmetic, Processor Design, Pipelined Processor Design Basic Idea, Memory Hierarchy, Input/Output Subsystem.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Computer Architecture Details 53:21
History of Computers Details 35:15
Instruction Set Architecture – I Details 52:18
Instruction Set Architecture – II Details 51:42
Instruction Set Architecture – III Details 52:44
Recursive Programs Details 47:3
Architecture Space Details 48:40
Architecture Examples Details 50:48
Performance Details 50:29
Performance II Details 52:58
Binary Arithmetic, ALU Design Details 50:30
ALU Design, Overflow Details 49:48
Multiplier Design Details 51:36
Divider Design Details 54:37
Fast Addition , Multiplication Details 1:1:21
Floating Point Arithmetic Details 51:39
Processor Design – Introduction Details 40:4
Processor Design I Details 45:50
Processor Design – Simple Design II Details 50:3
Processor Design – Multi Cycle Approach III Details 40:56
Processor Design – Control for Multi Cycle IV Details 56:43
Processor Design Micro programmed Control V Details 33:11
Processor Design Exception Handling VI Details 56:1
Pipelined Processor Design Basic Idea Details 54:15
Pipelined Processor Design: Datapath I Details 48:37
Pipelined Processor Design: Handling Data II Details 37:28
Pipelined Processor Design III Details 55:41
Memory Hierarchy : Basic Idea Details 48:10
Memory Hierarchy : Cache Organization I Details 53:34
Memory Hierarchy : Cache Organization II Details 49:8
Memory Hierarchy : Virtual Memory I Details 45:41
Memory Hierarchy : Virtual Memory II Details 50:11
Input / Output Subsystem: Introduction Details 49:53
Input / Output Subsystem: Interfaces and buses I Details 54:21
Input / Output Subsystem:Interfaces and buses II Details 55:4
Input / Output Subsystem:I/O Operations Details 50:18
Input / Output Subsystem:Designing I/O Systems Details 51:30
Concluding Remarks Details 45:10

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