Introduction to Adaptive Filters, Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Correlation Structure, FIR Wiener Filter, LMS Algorithm, Convergence Analysis, Sign LMS Algorithm, Block LMS Algorithm, Vector Space Treatment to Random Variables, Introduction to Linear Prediction, Lattice Filter and Recursions, Gradient Adaptive Lattice, RLS Lattice Recursions, Systolic Implementation, Singular Value Decomposition.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Adaptive Filters Details 53:57
Introduction to Stochastic Processes Details 59:47
Stochastic Processes Details 59:46
Correlation Structure Details 57:4
FIR Wiener Filter (Real) Details 57:42
Steepest Descent Technique Details 55:27
LMS Algorithm Details 55:30
Convergence Analysis Details 59:25
Convergence Analysis (Mean Square) Details 54:42
Convergence Analysis (Mean Square) Details 53:24
Misadjustment and Excess MSE – I Details 56:13
Misadjustment and Excess MSE – II Details 56:47
Sign LMS Algorithm Details 54:45
Block LMS Algorithm Details 54:17
Fast Implementation of Block LMS Algorithm – I Details 1:49
Fast Implementation of Block LMS Algorithm – II Details 54:43
Vector Space Treatment to Random Variables – I Details 51:48
Vector Space Treatment to Random Variables – II Details 1:14
Orthogonalization and Orthogonal Projection Details 55:48
Orthogonal Decomposition of Signal Subspaces Details 54:59
Introduction to Linear Prediction Details 58:30
Lattice Filter Details 54:16
Lattice Recursions Details 55:41
Lattice as Optimal Filter Details 52:57
Linear Prediction and Autoregressive Modeling Details 55:57
Gradient Adaptive Lattice – I Details 51:51
Gradient Adaptive Lattice – II Details 56:20
Introduction to Recursive Least Squares (RLS) Details 55:21
RLS Approach to Adaptive Filters Details 56:14
RLS Adaptive Lattice Details 1:1:43
RLS Lattice Recursions – I Details 54:40
RLS Lattice Recursions – II Details 55:16
RLS Lattice Algorithm Details 56:2
RLS Using QR Decomposition Details 59:52
Givens Rotation Details 1:16
Givens Rotation and QR Decomposition Details 59:48
Systolic Implementation – I Details 56:34
Systolic Implementation – II Details 48:52
Singular Value Decomposition – I Details 57:1
Singular Value Decomposition – II Details 55:49
Singular Value Decomposition – III Details 59:44

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