Introduction, Speech Production Model, Quantizers for Speech Signal, Adaptive Quantizer, Differential Quantization, LDM and ADM, Linear Prediction of Speech, Cholesky Decomposition, LPC Vocoder, Discrete Wavelet Transforms, Motion Estimate Techniques, Audio Coding, Introduction to VoIP, Interworking with PSTN Limitations and Solution.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 54:53
Speech Production Model Details 57:47
Speech Coding : Objectives and Requirements Details 58:24
Quantizers for Speech Signal Details 51:53
mew – Law and Optimum Quantizer Details 51:47
Adaptive Quantizer Details 51:38
Differential Quantization Details 52:49
LDM and ADM Details 56:44
Differential PCM and Adaptive Prediction Details 54:29
Linear Prediction of Speech Details 50:17
Computational Aspects of LPC parameters Details 55:18
Cholesky Decomposition Details 54:31
Lattice Formulation of LPC Coefficient Details 54:13
Linear Predictive Synthesizer Details 53:27
LPC Vocoder Details 44:3
Introduction to Image and Video Coding Details 56:49
Lossy Image Compression : DCT Details 56:25
DCT Quantization and Limitations Details 55:18
Theory of Wavelets Details 58:57
Discrete Wavelet Transforms Details 55:13
DWT on the Images and its Encoding Details 55:59
Embedded Zero Tree Wavelet Encoding Details 58:10
Video Coding : Basic Building Blocks Details 48:53
Motion Estimate Techniques Details 50:13
Fast Motion Estimation Techniques Details 59:51
Video Coding Standards Details 55:9
Advanced Coding Aspects Details 52:41
Audio Coding: Basic Concepts Details 56:31
Audio Coding AC – 3 Details 59:5
AC – 3 Decoder Details 55:56
MPEG – 1 Audio Coding Details 57:54
Introduction to VoIP Details 52:35
VoIP Signaling : H.323 Protocol Details 56:19
H.323 Call Controls and Enhancements Details 49:39
Interworking with PSTN Limitations and Solution Details 48:33
Multiplexing Schemes Details 53:13
H.323:Multiplexing:Header Compression and BW Details 56:44
ISDN Video Conferencing Details 58:24
Video Conferencing : SIP Protocol Details 51:20
G Multimedia Conferencing Details 57:14

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