VLSI Circuits

IIT Madras , Prof.S.Srinivasan

System Design Examples - I


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Introduction to VLSI Circuits – Combinational Circuit Design – Programmable Array Logic – Review of Flip – Flops – Sequentional Circuits – MSI Implementation of Sequential Circuits – Design of Sequentional Circuits – Verilog Modeling of Combinational Circuits – RTL Coding Guidelines – Coding Organization Complete Realization -Writing a Test Bench – System Design Using ASM Chart – System Design Using Sequentional Circuits – Microprogrammed Design – Design Flow of VLSI Circuits – Simulation of Combinational Circuits – Simulation of Combinational and Sequential Circuits

Analysis of Waveforms Using Modelsim – Modelsim Simulation Tool – Synthesis Tool – Synplify Tool – Schematic Circuit Diagram – Technology View using Synplify Tool – Synopsys Full and Parallel Cases -Xilink Place and Route Tool – PCI Arbiter Design Using ASM Chart – Design of Memories – ROM – Design of Memories – RAM – Design of External RAM-Design of Arithmetic Circuits – System Design Examples – System Design Examples Using FPGA Board – Advanced Features of Xilink Project Navigator – Project Design Suggested for FPGA/ASIC Implementation

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