VLSI Technology

IIT Madras , Prof.Dr. Nandita Dasgupta

Latch - up in CMOS


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Introduction – BJT Fabrication – MOSFET Fabrication for IC – Crystal Structure of Si-Defects in Crystal + Crystal growth – Vapour phase Epitaxy – Doping during Epitaxy-Molecular beam Epitaxy – Kinetics of Oxidation – Oxidation rate constants – dopant Redistribution – Oxide Charges – Theory of Diffusion – Infinite Source – Actual Doping Profiles – Diffusion Systems-Ion – Implantation Process-Annealing of Damages – Masking during Implantation – Lithography.

Wet Chemical Etching – Dry Etching – Plasma Etching Systems-Etching of Si,Sio2,SiN and other materials – Plasma Deposition Process-Metalization – Problems in Aluminium Metal contacts – IC BJT – From junction isolation to LOCOS – Problems in LOCOS + Trench isolation – More about BJT Fabrication and Realization – Circuits + Transistors in ECL Circuits – MOSFET I – Metal gate vs Self-aligned Poly-gate,Tailoring of Device Parameters – CMOS Technology – latch – up in CMOS-BICMOS Technology

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