Introduction to control problem
Industrial Control examples. Transfer function models of mechanical, electrical, thermal and hydraulic systems. System with dead-time. System response. Control hardware and their models: potentiometers, synchros, LVDT, dc and ac servomotors, tachogenerators, electro hydraulic valves, hydraulic servomotors, electropeumatic valves, pneumatic actuators. Closed-loop systems. Block diagram and signal flow graph analysis, transfer function.
Basic characteristics of feedback control systems
Stability, steady-state accuracy, transient accuracy, disturbance rejection, insensitivity and robustness. Basic modes of feedback control: proportional, integral and derivative. Feed-forward and multi-loop control configurations, stability concept, relative stability, Routh stability criterion.
Time response of second-order systems, steady-state errors and error constants. Performance specifications in time-domain. Root locus method of design. Lead and lag compensation.
Frequency-response analysis
Relationship between time & frequency response, Polar plots, Bode’s plot, stability in frequency domain, Nyquist plots. Nyquist stability criterion. Performance specifications in frequency-domain. Frequency-domain methods of design, Compensation & their realization in time & frequency domain. Lead and Lag compensation.
Op-amp based and digital implementation of compensators. Tuning of process controllers. State variable formulation and solution.
State variable Analysis
Concepts of state, state variable, state model, state models for linear continuous time functions, diagonalization of transfer function, solution of state equations, concept of controllability & observability.
Introduction to Optimal control & Nonlinear control
Optimal Control problem, Regulator problem, Output regulator, treking problem.
Nonlinear system – Basic concept & analysis.

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Course Curriculum

The Control Problem Details 1:3:24
Some More Examples Details 1:8:59
Different kinds of Control Systems Details 1:5:16
History of Feedback Details 1:4:11
Modern Control Problems Details 47:25
DC Motor Speed Control Details 1:8:11
System Modelling, Analogy Details 1:13:9
Causes of System Error Details 1:2:51
Calculation of Error Details 1:3:21
Control System Sensitivity Details 1:5
Automic Control of DC Motor Details 1:15:4
Proportional Control Details 1:13:12
Non-Unity Feedback Details 1:6:41
Signal-Flow Graph Details 1:4:57
Masons Gain Formula Details 1:6:52
Signal-Flow Graph for DC Motor Control Details 1:4:25
Steady-State Calculations Details 57:23
Differential Equation Model & Laplace transformation Method Details 1:12
D-Operator Method Details 57:29
Second-Order System Response Details 1:1:15
Frequency Response Details 52:7
Laplace Transformation Theorems Details 50:20
Final-Value Theorem Details 55:30
Transfer Function and Pole-Zero Diagram Details 56:10
Good Poles and Bad Poles Details 57:31
Signal-Flow Graph with Transfer Functions Details 49:33
s-Domain and t-Domain Details 54:55
Second-Order System Response in s-Domain Details 55:33
Integral Feedback Details 45:34
Root-Locus Method Details 1:28
Root-Locus Rules I Details 49:16
Asymptotes of Root Locus Details 44:53
Routh Array Details 57:7
Singular Cases Details 54:40
Closed-Loop Poles Details 36:22
Controller in the Forwarded Path Details 56:30
Mapping of Control in the Complex-Plane Details 51:9
Encirclement by a Curve Details 50:32
Nyquist Criterion Details 52:49
Application of the Nyquist Criterion Details 54:24
Polar Plot and Bode Plots Details 52:41
Logarithmic Scale for Frequency Details 53:4
Asymptotic DB Gain Details 55:7
Compensating Network Details 50:51
Nichols Chart Details 50:6
Time Domain Methods of Analysis and Design Details 51:21
State-Variable Equations Details 52:22

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