Semiconductors, PN Junction Diodes, BJT, Schottky Transistor, Standard TTL Circuits, ECL Basic Operation, Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor, ECL, nMOS Logic Circuits, CMOS Inverter, CMOS SRAM, DRAM-CMOS and BiCMOS, GaAs MESFET Characteristics.

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Course Curriculum

Semiconductors Details 44:53
Modelling of PN Junction Diodes Details 49:24
Modelling of BJTs Details 50:30
Diode and BJT Model Parameter Extraction Details 50:47
BJT Inverters DC and Switching Characteristics Details 50:58
Schottky Transistor Details 48:48
Specifications of Logic Circuits Details 50:42
Qualitative discussion on TTL Circuits Details 47:25
Standard TTL Circuits Details 49:52
Schottky (74s..) and Low power Schottky (74ls) Details 50:33
Advanced TTL Circuits Details 50:36
I-square L Technology Details 50:27
Edge triggered D-F/F Details 49:47
I-square L – Condition for Proper Operation Details 50:39
I- square L – Propagation delay Self aligned Details 49:52
Schottky Transistor Logic Details 50:31
Stacked I-square L Details 50:38
ECL Basic Operation Details 51:4
Quantitative analysis of ECL 10k Series gates Details 50:36
ECL 100k series; Stacked ECL gates; D-F/F Details 50:50
Emitter Function Logic;Low Power ECL Details 53:15
Polyemitter Bipolar Transistor In ECL;Propagation Details 52:23
Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Based ECL;ECL Details 50:34
nMOS Logic Circuits Details 50:37
nMOS Logic Circuits(cont..,); CMOS :Introduction Details 51:11
CMOS Inverter Details 50:36
MOS NAND,NOR and Other Gates: Clocked CMOS Details 51:45
Dynamic CMOS ;Transmission Gates;Realization Of MUX,decoder, D-F/F Details 50:51
BiCMOS Gates Details 48:28
BiCMOS Driver;BiCMOS 32-bit Adder Details 52:48
Digital Integrated Circuits – I Details 52:33
Digital Integrated Circuits – II Details 51:19
CMOS SRAM Details 0:51
BiCMOS SRAM Details 50:58
DRAM-CMOS and BiCMOS Details 50:37
ROM-EPROM,EEPROM and Flash EPROM Details 0:40
GaAs MESFET Characteristics and Equivalent Circuit Details 49:20
Direct Coupled FET Logic; Superbuffer FET Logic Details 51:9
Buffered FET Logic; Schottky Diode FET Logic Details 49:3
Transmission Line Effects Details 1:6:35

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