Electric Drive, Controlled Rectifier, Power Electronics Improvements, Dc to Dc Converter, Ac to Dc Converter-Design, Dc Motor Speed Control, Inverter – Current Hysteresis Controlled PWM, Induction Motor.

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Course Curriculum

Electric Drive Details 58:12
Controlled Rectifier – I Details 57:44
Controlled Rectifier – II Details 56:19
Controlled Rectifier – III Details 1:6:17
Controlled Rectifier – IV Details 52:31
Controlled Rectifier – V Details 54:42
Power Electronics Improvements Details 52:15
Four Quadrant Dc to Dc Converter Details 53:45
Sine Triangle PWM Control of Converter Details 50:39
Front-end Ac-Dc Converter with harmonic control Details 53:20
Ac to Dc Converter Close Loop Control Schematic Details 1:2:19
Ac-Dc Converter Close loop Control BlockDiagram Details 50:24
Desing of the Converter Controller & Ac to Dc Details 49:1
Front-End Ac to Dc Converter-Design Details 52:10
Front-End Ac to Dc Converter – Simulation study Details 54:55
Dc Motor Speed Control – Introduction Details 0:56
Dc Motor Speed Control – Block Diagram Details 51:50
Dc Motor Speed Control Current Control & SCL Details 51:15
Dc-Motor Speed Control Controller Design – I Details 50:28
Dc-Motor Speed Control Controller Design – II Details 45:40
Dc-Motor Speed Control Controller Design – III Details 50:41
Basics of DC to AC Converter – I Details 54:9
Basics of DC to AC Converter – II Details 53:18
Inverter Sine Triangle PWM Details 54:5
Inverter – Current Hysteresis Controlled PWM Details 53:44
C H controlled & Basics of space vector PWM Details 55:41
Space Vector PWM – II Details 53:43
Space Vector PWM – III Details 49:52
Space Vector PWM Signal Generation Details 54:39
Speed Control of Induction Motor – I Details 54:53
Speed Control of Induction Motor – II Details 54:22
High dynamic performance of I M Drive Details 50:38
Dynamic Model of Induction Motor – I Details 42:6
Dynamic Model of Induction Motor – II Details 51:41
Vector Control of Induction Motor Details 54:16
Effect of Switching Time lag in Inverter Details 47:38
Power Switch Protection – Snubbers Details 54:32

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