Linear Neural networks, Non linear system analysis, Adaptive learning rate, Fuzzy Logic Control, Neural Model of a Robot manipulator, Adaptive neural control, Linear controllers using T-S fuzzy model.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 59:29
Linear Neural networks Details 58:50
Multi layered neural networks Details 1:1
Back Propagation Algorithm revisited Details 1:26
Non linear system analysis – I Details 1:27
Non linear system analysis – II Details 58:15
Radial Basis function networks Details 58:33
Adaptive learning rate Details 1:49
Weight update rules Details 1:52
Recurrent networks Back propagation through time Details 57:32
Recurrent networks Real time recurrent learning Details 56:58
Self organizing Map – Multidimensional networks Details 55:3
Fuzzy sets – A Primer Details 59:20
Fuzzy Relations Details 1:1
Fuzzy Rule base and Approximate Reasoning Details 1:18
Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Control Details 1:1:5
Neural Control A review Details 56:19
Network inversion and Control Details 1:1:4
Neural Model of a Robot manipulator Details 56:14
Indirect Adaptive Control of a Robot manipulator Details 1:48
Adaptive neural control for Affine Systems SISO Details 54:6
Adaptive neural control for Affine systems MIMO Details 52:54
Visual Motor Coordination with KSOM Details 51:48
Visual Motor coordination – quantum clustering Details 53:30
Direct Adaptive control of Manipulators – Introduction Details 55:55
NN based back stepping control Details 58:16
Fuzzy Control – a Review Details 1:43
Mamdani type flc and parameter optimization Details 57:7
Fuzzy Control of a pH reactor Details 59:13
Fuzzy Lyapunov controller – Computing with words Details 56:57
Controller Design for a T-S Fuzzy model Details 59:30
Linear controllers using T-S fuzzy model Details 59:32

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